Installation of the headquarters in the Technological Park of Ribeirão Preto, as a catalyst for access to research and development of support lines and policies to support innovation.


In partnership with ITAL, brprocess has in Campinas a laboratory with structure and dedicated researchers, as well as modern equipment for multivariate analysis and simulation of processes of vegetable oils and biodiesel.



To be the main reference in technology of industrial processes in the markets in which we operate.


To lead our clients to efficient, clean and profitable solutions, available in the market or created by us, acting from the selection to the implantation of the technology and maintaining a bond that enables the continuous improvement of the implanted process


We are enthusiastic, humorous and innovative people who have a passion for performance and for making it happen.
We are people who build relationships by doing the right thing.


2nd semester / 2012


Foundation of brprocess on 12/21/2012 by Florivaldo Galina, Lucas Klettenhofer and Danilo Lima.
1st semester / 2013

The partnerships

Consulting contracts and technological cooperation with important partners: Alfa Laval Ltda, Alfa Laval Copenhagen A/S and Novozymes, which last and continue to expand.
2nd semester/2013


Development and consolidation of the 1000T process of concentration of tocopherols and tocotrienols and joint with LAPAC – Federal University of Pará.

1st semester/2014

Here we are

Installation of the headquarters in the Technological Park of Ribeirão Preto, as a catalyst for access to research and development support lines and innovation support policies.

2nd semester/2014

Changing the industry

Progress in the consolidation of enzymatic degumming and physical refining for soybean oil for food in partnership with Alfa Laval and Algar Agro.

1st semester/2015

To always innovate

Partnership with ITAL – Institute of Technology of Campinas for the development of solutions with high added value, with the installation of a development laboratory in vegetable oils and derivatives.

2nd semester/2015

First Project

The research project to obtain high quality fatty acids using enzymatic routes (EcoFA) was approved in the judicious program Small Business Research (PIPE)

1nd semester/2016


Brprocess expands its activities to Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia

2nd semester/2016

First Application

First application and brclean products at CIP of heat exchangers and deodorizers in industry

1st semester/2017

Partnership with Corbion

Partnership with Corbion and patent developments for the use of lactic acid and sodium carbonate in enzymatic degumming

2nd semester/2017

First Application of Lactic Acid

First highly successful industrial application of lactic acid on an industrial scale

1st semester/2018

Flexibleach and partnerships with Buchi and Digitrol / Optek

brprocess launches the Flexibleach concept and partnerships with Buchi and Digitrol / Optek companies for online analytical controls at refineries


We put together good heads with a spirit of
discipline and commitment to our customers and partners